Coaching for Wellness

Most of us have a general idea of what “coaching” is. This is usually based on our own personal experiences in athletics, training seminars, or even the concept of a “coach” as portrayed in Hollywood. But what is coaching, really?

Dynamic wellness coach Bobby Cappuccio defines coaching as “an evidence-based practice that takes place when a professional helps to give you the resources to achieve your optimal physical, mental, and emotional performance” – regardless of the endeavor.

Most problems have a kind of benefit, perhaps even an unconscious one. This puts the brakes on us sorting our lives out. But if we’re not aware of our hidden thoughts and biases, long term change is unlikely to happen. We will simply adhere to the status quo.

There are essentially five reasons why people are not inspired toward positive action, and these present barriers to peak performance. These barriers can include 1) cognitive dissonance (an internal conflict), 2) reactance (those who reject any kind of authority threatening our freedom of choice), 3) an amygdala response (the primal fear of change), 4) accountability, and 5) unfulfilled needs. We all face these barriers in different combinations at different times – can you think of any that are challenging you right now?

A coach can help you become a leader by helping you move past these barriers and grow into the person you aspire to be.  We use the acronym GROW to outline our roadmap to success: Goal, Reality, Opportunity and Will.

By working together we can determine where you want to go in vivid and specific detail (visualization).  We also analyze your current reality, and use it as a starting point.  We look at what opportunities and resources are at your disposal.  And finally, what are you willing to do first – how can we achieve your priorities today? Let’s take that first step.

Ready to start finding greater success in life, at work, at the gym and elsewhere? Contact our team!

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