The magic of Natania’s presentation style is that she infuses subject matter expertise with an authentic passion that inspires as much as it transforms. She is a consummate, yet relatable example of what is possible through a love of what you do and the resolution to bring your goals to fruition. It is the same dynamic that has enabled her to lead her teams to unprecedented performance in multiple companies throughout her industry.

Bobby Cappuccio, International Speaker and Business Coach

We get in shape for the next #GoT episode with the ViPR workout with Equinox trainer, Natania Goldberg! – PopSugar Fitness

I am fortunate to have called Natania “my coach.” Every time I tell people about her and her work, I am reminded that she has taught me far more than how to lift a weight or elevate my pulse; she compellingly, with a quiet strength and clarity, points toward a way of living and thinking that just plain changes things for the better.

Drew Kugler

Natania is an amazing trainer who not only helps you achieve your fitness goals but teaches you how to change your lifestyle. I’ve had trainers in the past, but Natania is not just a trainer she is a partner. I’ve learned how to eat right for my body and what exercises are best for my specific problem areas. I have lost 20 pounds thanks to Natania for my wedding. She is so friendly and and makes you feel so comfortable yet is so motivating! Natania is highly recommended!!!

One of our Vision Brides-to-Be, Deanna G.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer, Natania Goldberg is the best! All ages, all body types, all fitness goals. She makes every session about YOU, whether you show up ready to run a 5k or just want to stretch. She inspires and motivates you to push harder with her incredible positive energy and attitude. She makes you want to be better. I’m so glad I found her!

Elizabeth Gilbert

Natania Goldberg is hands down the most amazing trainer I have ever met! She makes the workouts fun and challenging. She tailors each workout to your personal needs. For i.e. If you tell her you are in pain she DOES NOT continually push you. She LISTENS to you and TEACHES you to listen to your body to AVOID injury. This is so important! Natania continually checks in with you to see how your body is feeling and what you want to work on during each session. Her charismatic, warm personality makes her a pleasure to work with and reach your goals! With no reservation, I highly recommend Natania as an extremely skilled trainer and wonderful person! She is my trainer,my life coach and dear friend. I feel privileged to be working with her and highly encourage you to make an appointment. Get started and change your life. It really makes a difference! ”You only have one body. Keep it healthy and active!

Gayle Singer, L.C.S.W.

Vision Fitness has been an important part of the growth of my company. Natania came in and worked with my employees on incorporating a wellness plan into their lives .In her presentations and my company meetings, she inspired a group of men who did not have any exercise in their daily regimen. Their nutrition consisted of takeout and whatever they could catch on the road Not only are more of my employees exercising and eating well, but have increased their overall productivity by 30%. Natania drew a direct connection between how you can build your business by incorporating movement and fun exercise you enjoy into your daily routine. My company and myself are better off having vision fitness work with our team. Thank you Natania.

Danz G.

I just ran a Half-Marathon in Pasadena and finished 8 minutes earlier than my best time!!! I owe it to Natania Goldberg!!! I have been training with Natania. As I was running, I could hear her voice telling me, “Those hills are tough, but not tougher than you!” Thank you Natania… you are the BEST!!!!! Her attitude and energy make it worth while to get up at 5:45 to train!!!!  Thanks again!!!!!

Sara K.

Natania is an amazing trainer. I’ve only had three personal sessions with her but I can already feel the difference. I love her positive motivation but lack of tolerance for excuses! That’s just what I needed. She has also helped me to change my bad eating habits without making me feel like I have to eat like a rabbit to lose weight. Her advice has been a complete lifestyle change for me and I already have so much more energy. I had to share this life changing experience! Natania’s attitude truly fits her company name. She really  has helped me define my vision for wellness in my life. I can’t wait to see the new me in 6 months! I may even share a before and after!

Peggy H.

Natania is an amazing running coach! As a beginner, group fitness can be intimidating but Natania encouraged me to give her Run Club and treadmill classes a try and after the first time I was hooked! Natania truly takes the time and effort to work with every single individual on proper form and technique and creates a fun, positive group environment where everyone feels safe and included. She will push you to believe in yourself and to be fearless.  Just when things get too hard and you can’t take another step, Natania inspires you to go even further.  Three months ago when I first started taking Natania’s classes, I was running 11 minute miles and had never run anything over a 5k. I just ran my first 7 minute mile and will be running my first ½ and full marathons! I never would have thought this possible without the help of Natania. Participating in Run Club has not only been a physical but a mental transformation! When I am out by myself I hear Natania’s voice in my head giving me strength and inspiration to push through any grueling run or workout.  Thank you Natania for making me the runner that I always wanted to be!

Sadie Kim

Let me just start out by saying that I hate working out. My sister is getting married in 3 months and I am on a weight loss mission! Several times, I signed myself up for a gym membership and started out going frequently, and slowly lost motivation. With the wedding in three months, and me wanting to lose 15 pounds, I decided it was time to get more serious and hire a trainer. Natania was a godsend. Natania helped keep me motivated and made working out fun, She worked with me to set up a personal plan just for me and helped me track the food I ate, set up a cardio program, and even helped me work on my flexibility. She taught me not only how to lose weight and be healthy but showed me tools that I could take with me for the rest of my life. Thanks to Natania, I have lost 10 pounds in 2 months. I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated and motivational trainer. Not only that, but she is very flexible and will work around your schedule. Doesn’t get any better than Natania and Vision Fitness and Wellness.

Sister of our Vision Bride, Deanna G.

Never having been a runner, I began participating in Natania’s running classes at my gym. With her diligent coaching, I began to actually ENJOY running and her tips on technique and form are priceless. Soon after, I joined her Vision Run Club. She met me on a weekend and ran a 5K with me so that we could establish my base time. After that, I began attending her weekly classes and followed the daily training schedule. Six weeks later, I ran my next 5 K and shaved off 3 minutes from my time. Her workout regime was systematic and safe! Natania emphasizes safety, good body mechanics and not to go overboard. I highly recommend joining her running club!!! She definitely knows her stuff and keeps your best interest in mind! Am proud to say that I’m running my next 5K in a few days:) Thank you Natania-you’ve given running a whole new meaning for me!

Priya Siva

Natania is a great motivator and she meets me where I am with all my funky shoulder, knee, neck and ankle issues, and helps me advance without injury. More than all that, she makes it fun and the time flies by. Thanks Natania Goldberg, you rock!!

Janet Halbert

I love Natania’s approach to food and nutrition. For me she provided a meal plan that was delicious, filling and easy to follow. I felt like I had a lot of food to eat daily and did not feel deprived. I am happier having a meal plan that I can follow and makes me feel great. I love knowing that following Natania’s regiment enables me to keep my weight down while still eating and feeling satiated.

Stephanie Balkin

I’ve been training with Natania since July of 2011, not long after I arrived in LA. When I lived in Seattle I worked with some really outstanding trainers, and so I was nervous about finding someone equally great in SoCal. Lucky me – Natania has proven to be the finest trainer I’ve ever had the privilege of working out with. Even though I’ve been training for several years, I’ve long felt that I have some problematic habits and imbalances (like we all do) that really needed addressing; it’s not enough for me to just pick up some heavy stuff a couple of times per week, my goal is long-term fitness and health. Natania is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and she made some distinctions that no one else ever had within just a few sessions, and we’ve targeted those areas since, with great improvement. She has boundless enthusiasm, and a deep-seated love of helping people increase their quality of life through fitness. Training is a calling for Natania, and you will never encounter a more positive and energized person to put you through your paces. I trust her judgement completely, and I always feel safe during training sessions. She’ll push you out of your comfort zone, but she’ll never ask you to do anything you’re not ready for. In addition to training with her regularly at the West LA Equinox, I’ve also attended her outdoor bootcamp classes on Sunday mornings by the beach in Santa Monica. The classes are just as creative as the individualized one-on-one workouts – you won’t regret any time you spend working out with Natania. I can’t possibly praise, or thank, Natania enough for the impact she’s made on me so far. I can’t wait for the next workout!

Shawn F.

I highly recommend Natania as a trainer who has motivated me,even when I had great excuses! She has reversed my osteoporosis!  I’ve gained 10% bone density over the past year, and look forward to continued improvement with Natania’s guidance. Natania has personalized my sessions to not only include fitness and weight training but also a nutritional program as well.  Natania’s vision for fitness and wellness is right on target for me. Can’t wait for our next session!

Paula S.

I always thought I was not a runner. Everyone told me it is bad for my knees. Coach Natania teaches proper form, stride and the best strategy to run your race. I have been running for over 3 years with the team and am injury free as well as know how to care care of my body to run life long!

Milo G.

Natania has been a blessing in my life for the past few years and I now couldn’t imagine her not in it. Not only is she my head cheer leader, but my greatest motivators. She continually keeps our work-outs interesting with innovative moves to maintain a sculpted body and sessions captivating. Natania is the most positive, up-lifting individual I know who encourages everyone to be the best they can be. “Just do You!”

Cor Smith